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Shenzhen Kawasaki Sports Gear Co.,Ltd
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Manufacturer & Trading Company
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Custom team sportswear ,real functional sportswear supplier , MLB official authorized manufacturer
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American football uniform manfuacturer, Esports clothing manfuacturer, team sportswear manfuacturer, baseball jersey manfuacturer, sublimated sportswear
Kawasaki & OEM
Futian District, Yihua Building,301A

Company Profile

Kawasaki ® is a world famous brand  since from Japanese well-known century enterprise,  kawasaki (china) group was established in 1992 ,after the establishment Kawasaki has been committed to badminton& tennis professional product development, has become one of the most famous badminton&tennis brands in Asia, Since the beginning of 2008,Kawasaki (china)  set up a flexible professional sportswear production line which named "kawasaki-bulls",after founded Kawasaki-bulls continue to inherit the kawasaki' s careful , rigorous, professional culture, keep the attitude of constant pursuit of quality,  Kawasaki-bulls not only export best quality brand products ,but also provide OEM & ODM service the most professional team sportswear playing kit , active wear , gym & yoga clothing  for many of sportswear brands and clubs in Japan ,United states ,United Kingdom ,Australia, Germany  and many of countries."Keep a commitment to quality and never miss a ship date" this is our company 's purpose,1,  Keep a commitment to quality:  / Fabric :We only use the customized fabrics,the price is higher but you will have the best hand feeling and with the quality stability from beginning to end we solemnly promise we never use the cheap market fabrics ./ Sizes:   Here you will not see the problem because of sizes or fit,because we have the standard US ,Australia ,Euerope ,and Asia sizes and templates, which can be applied to any sizes people of different countries, moreover we have professional template worker can create any template by your size./  Designs and colors: We strictly require our sales managers to confirm the colors and designs with the customer by making printing test before production ,and the bulk production design and colors must 100% sames as the confirmed printing color test./ Sewing and QC, The Kawasaki brand's production team, all workers have decades of experience in the production of sportswear, and actually our production management teams have worked in Kawasaki for m...