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Will you clean your sportswear correctly?
Sportswear is uncomfortable to wear and does not last long. It depends on how you care. Putting comfortable, expensive equipment with other clothes in the washing machine can damage the fabric, destroy its antibacterial properties, make its fibers hard, and finally, it has no advantage except water absorption.

So correct cleaning is the first step in making sportswear the most valuable. In order to keep your line of the best texture and get the longest possible life, return to your home after the next workout, follow these guidelines to treat them.
1. Remove the dirty clothes from the backpack and put them into the laundry basket to allow the sweat to evaporate as soon as possible and clean it as soon as possible. If the clothes soaked in sweat are left in the bag and not washed in time, it will accelerate the damage.
2, most sportswear can be treated with a washing machine, the requirements for washing temperature is also relatively broad. However, if the label on the clothes says “hand wash”, then be sure to stay away from any automatic cleaning equipment, as the fabrics of these types of clothing are more delicate and may use special techniques. Therefore, don't be lazy before washing, first look at the instructions of the clothes.
3. Avoid abuse of fabric softeners. When choosing a detergent, the most suitable ones are those that do not contain fragrances and dyes. Otherwise, the "add-on" in the detergent may penetrate into the fibers, making the fibers harder, damaging their ability to absorb and deodorize. If you can find a special detergent for sports clothes, your equipment will get the longest possible life.
4. If you have a dryer, set the temperature to be low when drying clothes; do not use desiccant, they will damage the fabric of the clothes.

sports shoes
Did you step on the mud during the last long run? Then you spend a lot of time thinking about shoes. It is recommended to use old toothbrushes and soap to brush off the dirt on the shoes. Don't use too much force when cleaning shoes, so as not to damage the padding, etc., because the latter is important to prevent limb injuries during exercise. If the shoes taste great, you may want to spray some deodorant. You can also put a newspaper in the shoes after the exercise comes back to absorb too much sweat.
Special note: Regardless of the condition of the shoes, every 300 to 500 miles (about 483 to 805 kilometers) will be replaced. Whether you are running shoes or lightweight training shoes, if you feel foot discomfort, you have to consider changing shoes.
Sports underwear
If you just "air dry" your sports underwear after you get back from work, it's really a big mistake. Sports bras are similar to ordinary underwear, and must be washed with water as long as they are worn on the body. It should be noted that sports underwear is best to be washed by hand, do not throw it into the washing machine, or mix it with other clothes.
If it is too busy, do not use a washing machine to clean, please prepare a permeable laundry bag in advance, in order to prevent sports underwear from being damaged by friction with other clothing, especially clothing with metal buttons or zippers. Also use cold water to wash, can not be too hasty.

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