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Production Technics in kawasaki factory

Logo & Label EmbroiderySilicone printingHeat press label3D silicone MOQ 10 pcsMOQ 50 pcs MOQ 50 pcsMOQ 50 pcsSample fee: $20Sample fee: $20Sample fee: $100Sample fee: $100Bulk price : $0.5-$2 per pieceBulk price : $0.5-$2 per pieceBulk price : $0.1-$0.5 per pieceBulk price : $0.5-$2 per pieceNumber & BadgeTackle twillEngraving film heat transferWoven PatchHeat transferMOQ 10 pcsMOQ 5 pcsMOQ 50 pcsMOQ 10 pcsSample fee: $30Sample fee: $10Sample fee: $100Sample fee: $30Bulk price : $2-$10 per pieceBulk price : $0.2-$1 per pieceBulk price : $0.5-$2 per pieceBulk price : $0.2-$1 per piecePrintingSublimationCotton direct printingScreen printingGold foil printingMOQ 1 pcMOQ 10 pcsMOQ 10 pcsMOQ 50 pcsSample fee same as bulkSample fee: $30Sample fee: $30Sample fee : $30Bulk price : $1-$1.5 per pieceBulk price : $0.5-$1.5 per pieceBulk price : $1-$2 per pieceBulk price : $1-$2 per pieceSewingZ-LockSilicone gripper now available for small order quantity!                                              -------------------------------------------                                                                                    Usually use this technic for American football pants ,baseball pants MOQ 10 pcs to startSeamlessSeamless technic now available for small order quantity!                                             --------------------------------------------                                                                                 Usually use this technic for fashion, leggings,yoga pants, compression wear,MOQ 10 pcs to start4 needle 6 thread4 needle 6 thread technic now available for any quantity                                                                                                               ----------------------------------------------            Usually use this technic for Yoga wear, compression wear, gym clothing.MOQ 10 pcs to startSpecial technicsSilicone GripperSilicone gripper now available for small  quantity orders!                                                                                                                                                                                                   Usually use  this technic for Rugby jersey,cycling jerseyMOQ 10 pcs to startBulk price : $4-$8 per pieceEmbossingEmbossing printing now available for OEM orders!                                                                                                                                                                                                  Usually use  this technic for soccer uniforms, compression wear, american football uniformsMOQ 1000  pcs to startBulk price : $0.5-$2 per pieceLaser perforationLaser perforation now available for small  quantity orders!                                                                                                                                                                                                        This technic is very commonly used for many major team sportswearMOQ 10 pcs to startBulk price : $2-$5 per piece

Sublimated Clothing production flow

Sublimated sportswear production flow ( progress for production)This production flow is a very standard one , we can also do the embroidery / screen printing technics before sewing . the full sublimated production line takes about 2 weeks ,if do extra embroidery or screen printing will have more 3-7 days .

How to maintain basketball jerseys

Basketball jersey cleaning method:1. Since the jersey numbers are all embroidered, you must pay attention to the washing method when cleaning.2. Do not rub too much clothes when you wash your hands to avoid cracking the embroidery number and name. Try to wash your hands with laundry detergent and cold water. The water temperature should not be too high, too high will cause the jersey to shrink. Generally do not wash the jersey with a washing machine.3, to air dry, do not wet the jersey, do not sun exposure.4. It is recommended to use a hanger to hang on the wall or in the closet when storing.

Will you clean your sportswear correctly?

Sportswear is uncomfortable to wear and does not last long. It depends on how you care. Putting comfortable, expensive equipment with other clothes in the washing machine can damage the fabric, destroy its antibacterial properties, make its fibers hard, and finally, it has no advantage except water absorption.So correct cleaning is the first step in making sportswear the most valuable. In order to keep your line of the best texture and get the longest possible life, return to your home after the next workout, follow these guidelines to treat them.coat1. Remove the dirty clothes from the backpack and put them into the laundry basket to allow the sweat to evaporate as soon as possible and clean it as soon as possible. If the clothes soaked in sweat are left in the bag and not washed in time, it will accelerate the damage.2, most sportswear can be treated with a washing machine, the requirements for washing temperature is also relatively broad. However, if the label on the clothes says “hand wash”, then be sure to stay away from any automatic cleaning equipment, as the fabrics of these types of clothing are more delicate and may use special techniques. Therefore, don't be lazy before washing, first look at the instructions of the clothes.3. Avoid abuse of fabric softeners. When choosing a detergent, the most suitable ones are those that do not contain fragrances and dyes. Otherwise, the "add-on" in the detergent may penetrate into the fibers, making the fibers harder, damaging their ability to absorb and deodorize. If you can find a special detergent for sports clothes, your equipment will get the longest possible life.4. If you have a dryer, set the temperature to be low when drying clothes; do not use desiccant, they will damage the fabric of the clothes.sports shoesDid you step on the mud during the last long run? Then you spend a lot of time thinking about shoes. It is recommended to use old toothbrushes and soap to brush off the dirt on the shoes. Don't use too much force when cleaning shoes, so as not to damage the padding, etc., because the latter is important to prevent limb injuries during exercise. If the shoes taste great, you may want to spray some deodorant. You can also put a newspaper in the shoes after the exercise comes back to absorb too much sweat.Special note: Regardless of the condition of the shoes, every 300 to 500 miles (about 483 to 805 kilometers) will be replaced. Whether you are running shoes or lightweight training shoes, if you feel foot discomfort, you have to consider changing shoes.Sports underwearIf you just "air dry" your sports underwear after you get back from work, it's really a big mistake. Sports bras are similar to ordinary underwear, and must be washed with water as long as they are worn on the body. It should be noted that sports underwear is best to be washed by hand, do not throw it into the washing machine, or mix it with other clothes.If it is too busy, do not use a washing machine to clean, please prepare a permeable laundry bag in advance, in order to prevent sports underwear from being damaged by friction with other clothing, especially clothing with metal buttons or zippers. Also use cold water to wash, can not be too hasty.

How to choose the right sportswear?

Sportswear purchase guide:1 The traditional method of wearing is to buckle the middle button.2 Lightweight tops with dark wool trousers, second only to suits in formal occasions.3 For those who have thick legs or calves, choose a dark or straight sportswear. If you wear a warm leggings, you will be able to make it close to the thigh.4 If you have a large buttocks, you can wear a tight-fitting gymnastic dress with a particularly high leg. A belt will bring the line of sight to the waist and a pair of black or dark blue tights.5 big chest, the texture of the sportswear should be flexible, supportive, long sleeves are good, avoid short sleeves.6 too thin, can wear brightly colored horizontal sportswear, using belts and other decorations to emphasize the waist.7 legs are too thin, should wear nylon sweat pants, so that the legs are fuller, plus warm leg sets, can beautify the leg shape.8 flat chest, can wear a lace-up sportswear with a neckline, the color should be bright and full.9 square shoulders, avoid sportswear with sleeves, should wear vest or front pleated style.Modern people like sports, and many girls also join the sport because of their need to lose weight, so it is essential to choose a sportswear that is good for you and healthy. Choosing the right sportswear can be done in the following ways:1, the rationality of colorChoosing sportswear should also pay attention to color. Because outdoor sports are inevitably exposed to the sun, in order to make the light beneficial to human health, wear sportswear should pay attention to color. For example, white, bright yellow and other light-colored clothing with low heat absorption should be selected in the summer. In winter, black, blue, red and other dark-colored clothing with high heat absorption should be selected. Ultraviolet rays in the sun can kill bacteria and promote human health, while the transmittance of ultraviolet rays decreases in the order of white, blue, purple, gray, yellow, green, red, and black. When wearing sportswear, you can choose a color with a high UV transmittance. In addition, those who are active on the road and joggers should wear high-visibility colors to avoid traffic accidents. When the black ground is the background, the yellow is highly visible; when the white snow is the background, the red and blue are highly visible.2, suitable for the needs of the seasonThe requirements for sportswear vary from season to season. Summer sportswear should be light, thin, cool and have good breathability. Such vests such as silk sweatpants, vests and shorts of linen and cotton knitwear have such properties. Winter sportswear underwear should not hinder the evaporation of sweat, such as the use of flannel and combed wool products. The middle layer sportswear should be loose and contain a large amount of air, which does not hinder the evaporation of sweat. It can be made of wool or acrylic fabric. The outer garment should have good thermal insulation properties. Such as a variety of elastic knit fabrics and dense and breathable grosgrain and so on.3, suitable for human activitiesIf the sportswear is not suitable for the needs of human movement, the human body's movement will be constrained and fatigue will occur. Therefore, when selecting, pay attention to the size and fit, the weight is small, the arching is small, and the various parts of the clothes must have certain flexibility. Secondly, it must have a good heat dissipation function. When people exercise, the body's metabolism is accelerated, heat production increases, and sweating increases to meet the need for heat dissipation. This requires that the texture of the sportswear should be selected to be cotton, hemp, silk, and wool knitted fabrics with good moisture absorption and heat dissipation properties.

Returns/Refund Policy

At Kawasaki, we can offer you a number of delivery options depending how quickly you need your kit. We offer a 60 and 90 day lead-time as well as a 40 day express delivery option* or if you need your kit within 48 hours. No problem! Kawasaki offers a 48 hour Stock Service during the working week, with a vast range of performance garments available.Customised Product From Stock Range - 1-2 WeeksMade To Order Express Teamwear Delivery - 5-7 DaysMade To Order Teamwear Delivery - 2 Weeks*Express teamwear delivery is subject to prior approval.Customised Product From Stock Range  1-2 WeeksAs soon as you have checked and approved your order (see terms and conditions), we will schedule your order for customised print and/or embroidery within our own workshops as per your own requirements. Your goods will normally be delivered to you within 1-2 weeks*.So that you know where your Samurai products are at all times, we offer a ‘Track and Trace’service. See more about Track and Trace below. Made To Order Express Teamwear Delivery 5-7 DaysFor quick turnaround on custom made orders we offer an ‘express’ manufacturing service of 5-7 days, subject to availability. An express manufacturing surcharge will apply. Made To Order Teamwear Delivery 2 WeeksAs soon as you have checked and approved your order (see terms and conditions), we will schedule your order for production within our own factory. The delivery time of 6-8 weeks will apply.Custom made items include sublimation garments. So that you know where your Samurai products are at all times, we offer a ‘Track and Trace’ Service. See more about Track and Trace below.Track and Trace allows you to follow the movement of your delivery by being informed of the delivery’s progress via email or mobile SMS. We now offer 1 hour collection times so that you don’t have to wait in all day for the collection. All we need is your email address or mobile phone number and then you will be able to follow your Samurai delivery to your front door.* Delivery times may vary depending on business seasons. Lead times will only commence once an order has been checked and authorized in writing (by hard copy, fax or email) by the customer. It is then classified as a confirmed order.  Returns/Refund PolicyBespoke garments are “made to order” and are based and created on customer approval of all order details provided to the Samurai sales team. Refunds/Returns for bespoke teamwear orders with an approved customer order will not be accepted.In a situation where Kawasaki Sportswear has failed to comply with the approved customer order instructions through either errors, omissions or the product is faulty, we will more than happily exchange the product within 7 days of delivery.Notification of an issue/fault with a bespoke order must be made by phone/email/fax/letter to Kawsaki Sportswear within 7 days of delivery. The product must be retained in an unused condition and the cost of any loss or damage of the product will be charged to the customer.We do not accept and cannot process any returns without a returns number and accompanying documentation which will be provided after notification.  Any items returned incorrectly will be subject to a reshipping and handling charge. 

How do I know what fabric is best for my sport?

As you know our fabric range is extensive. Kawasaki Sportswear offers you the greatest variety of fabrics at the best possible quality; however what fabric is good for netball may not be a good fabric for playing hockey. We do offer an insight into our fabric range in our brochure where we describe the composites of our fabric and give a general description of their optimal uses. If you are still not sure on which fabrics are best suited to the use and style of your sport, let us offer our expertise in the matter and query our sales team at sales@kawasaki-sports.com.

How do I know what my size is ?

Kawasaki offer a general size guide, describing the measurements of sizes for our mens, womens and child leisurewear ranges as well as our mens rugby shirt range. You are also able to arrange a meeting with your regional sales representative in which he can demonstrate to you Kawasaki’s sizing range for the style of garments that you are looking for.

Can we order top ups on our orders, if we need another 2 or 3?

Bespoke garments require a minimum order of 10 items per style. We are able to offer 1 or 2 garments at sample prices (3 x normal amount). As soon as you have approved your order we send your order details to our factory to be produced. Unfortunately we are unable to accept any changes or additions to your order, once approval has been received and the order has been sent to the factory. That includes any amendments in quantity, design and fabrics.

What are your lead times?

Our lead times are 48 hours for stock product, 3-5 days for customised stock product and 2 weeks for custom made teamwear. These lead times start when the order approval has been received by our Sales staff.*Leadtimes will reduce and fluctuate depending on the time of year and demand. For further information relating to our lead times, please refer to our Delivery Options page.

Do you have samples of fabrics

We do offer quite an extensive range of fabrics and styles to choose from for our custom made and stock products. If you are looking for a generic sample, our sales representatives are more than happy to demonstrate to you the range that Samurai Sportswear can offer you for your garments. If you are looking for a specific sample of what your garment will look like, we are happy to do this for you however this will have to be done with a sample surcharge.

Can I buy online?

Kawasaki Sportswear does offer an Online Shop(aliexpress shop or Amazon shop) for stock products, replica shirts and Samurai International sports garments.For custom made items, you can use our online kit designer to see the options we provide however we do recommend speaking to one of our sales staff so that we can provide the exact specifications you need to look impressive on and off the pitch..

What are your minimum order quantities (MOQ)?

For our stock products there are no minimum order quantities. You can order as much or as little as you need. For custom made items however our minimum order quantities vary for each style and spec of product for different sports. As a general rule though, most custom made items have a minimum order of 10 items per style. Feel free to E-mail or call your sales representative to find out the minimum quantities of custom made garments for your sport.

What is a DST(digital embroidery) file?

To create your embroidered logo we require a DST file,which enables us to embroider your logo onto your chosen garment. If you have never had your logo embroidered, we can create a DST file for your approval for a fee. If you are able to provide a DST file, you will also need to supply the colour run which details the running order of the colours used in your logo. Correct thread references are also required.