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The Grand launch of the KAWASAKI ERP Information System

publisher: Robert
Time: 2018-04-19

KAWASAKI ERP information system (“ EIS"),it is an online visual process tracking platform. thru our EIS, you can not only see all your ongoing orders andhistorical orders, but more importantly, you can see the live pictures of everylink in all your orders. It's like you see it in person at the factory. Start from now, you willnever have to ask sales managers “where is my order”, hmm, here you can seewhere is the order and can see real time pictures from factory!!

Thru EIS ,We can firmly grasp the order production process, All orders are strictly executed according to the plan set by our system after confirming the colors,eliminate delays in every part of production.

EIS customer login from here : www.kawasaki-sports.online

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