Customized sportswear, it is important to choose a strong manufacturer

Customized sportswear, it is important to choose a strong manufacturer


Customized sportswear, it is important to choose a strong manufacturer

The sun is just right, the breeze is not dry, it is best for companionship, live in the oxygen, and always taste the unique charm of aerobics. If you don't live this life too hard, don't fall into the moment, don't be jealous of WeChat people who walk on the road, you can. Regardless of the size of your team, uniform sportswear is often required to demonstrate team culture. Therefore, choosing what kind of manufacturers to make sportswear is plagued by many newly formed teams! Kawasaki helps you solve problems and tells you how to see the strength of the manufacturers in sportswear.

1. Quality problems of sportswear

There are numerous manufacturers of custom-made group sportswear on the market. Some manufacturers choose fabrics that cause damage to the user's skin for low cost. These fabrics are more likely to cause permanent damage to the user's skin.

Tips for identifying clothing fabrics

First, in the manufacturer's sportswear model, it can clearly smell the musty smell, gasoline smell, fishy smell, aromatic hydrocarbon smell and other special smells. It is very likely that there will be cheap chemical raw materials processed into fabrics. The skin of the person is prone to damage.

Second, consumers can try on the sportswear samples provided by the manufacturer, and then according to the information sent by their skin, such as allergies causing itching, rash, may be the use of unqualified chemical dyes.

Third, under the premise of the manufacturer's consent, wash the sportswear with water. If it appears faded, it means that the color fastness is poor. In general, cotton will generally fade, like polyester, polyester will not fade.
2, sportswear work problems

The problem of workmanship in sportswear is reflected in the fact that it is from the conscience manufacturers. The fabrics are purchased by the manufacturers in the fabric manufacturers, while the sportswear processing and workmanship are the main tasks of the sportswear manufacturers.

First, the specifications of sportswear, sportswear nameplate marked with M code but marked as L code, sportswear shoulders are too loose or too tight, very close to the size of the crowd (such as manufacturers using European clothing size)

Second, the work line is the core of the manufacturer's technology. The stitches are intensively matched with high-quality fabrics. Sportswear will not burst because of strenuous exercise. Common techniques include: flat stitching, seaming seams, wrapping seams, buttonhole seams. , stitch back stitches, hidden stitches, etc.

Third, the overall feeling of sportswear, whether it is symmetrical, there is no obvious thread, zipper activity smoothness, uniform color, whether there are holes and so on.