Sportswear customization-Why do you wear sportswear for sports?

Sportswear customization-Why do you wear sportswear for sports?


Sportswear customization:Why do you wear sportswear for sports?

Many people like sports and fitness, such as running, playing, dancing, etc. We find that most people wear a pair of sportswear when they are exercising. Sportswear customization:Why do you wear sportswear for sports?

The biggest function of sportswear is to maximize the athlete's potential while exercising, and the comfort of wearing outdoors and whether it can protect the human body from harm. The natural demand of consumers today is the performance of clothing, such as protection and comfort. Although the price factor is more considered when purchasing, the applicability of high-performance clothing can also stimulate consumption. Sportswear tends to be light, soft, durable and easy to wash and dry. Two major factors in the consideration of high-performance sportswear fabrics are: maximizing the comfort of the garment, and minimizing the risk of accidental or muscle damage, as well as reducing friction and drag. High-performance clothing has a variety of different functions. For example, the wearer is protected from various external factors such as sunlight, wind, rain, snow, etc., and for example, whether it helps to control the body's heat, timely discharge of sweat, and the like. Different sportswear also has its corresponding pertinence. For example, basketball is a very energetic and intense sport. Correspondingly, professional basketball sportswear needs to highlight sweating and breathability, making it comfortable to wear in sports. And like a bicycle race, compared to the athlete's speed, endurance and skill, the corresponding clothing needs to pay attention to protection, fit and comfort.

When we are doing fitness exercises, the metabolism will increase, the blood will flow faster than usual, and the muscles will contract when exercising. At this time, the sportswear that penetrates the air-drying can quickly help you to discharge the sweat. When you wear a cotton T-shirt to run, after running, the T-shirt is soaked, and it is not easy to dry, it is easy to catch cold and rheumatism, so it is necessary to wear sportswear and fitness. Sportswear should also choose to fit, not too tight or too loose, too tight will make your body breathless. The choice of sportswear is not good without tight-fitting performance, because a lot of intense sports will cause clothing, so it is important to choose a fit sportswear for fitness.

Women wearing sports underwear can reduce the impact of exercise on the chest and improve exercise efficiency. When a woman does not wear sports underwear, the chest shaking during exercise can cause the elastic fibers of the chest to lose elasticity, and the ligament tissue of the chest becomes slack or even damaged over time.

When choosing sports underwear, you must choose sports underwear that is comfortable to wear and does not affect your movement. It also has good sweat absorption function. It has vertical and horizontal surround support shockproof function.
Comfortable sneakers prevent blisters from escaping, and the sneakers have good shock absorbing function, which can effectively reduce joint pressure, thus protecting your knee joint and improving your exercise efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to have a set of your own fitness equipment.