The Specific Functions of Fishing Jersey

The Specific Functions of Fishing Jersey


Fishing is a very beneficial activity for the body and mind, but because the fishing environment is mostly outdoors, the fishing suit has become indispensable equipment. This article will specifically introduce the specific function of a fishing jersey.

During fishing activities, due to the high humidity of the air and the large temperature difference between day and night, it is easy to cause some harm to the anglers. At this time, a good fishing suit can help us avoid some damage caused by uncertain factors such as the environment. The following is the specific function of the fishing jersey.


This means that fishing jerseys have a certain waterproof function. The fishing suit here is divided into special waterproof fishing suits and all-weather fishing clothes with a certain waterproof ability.

The special waterproof fishing suit is commonly called a raincoat. It is a high-quality cloth fabric coated with a waterproof glue layer, and the joints are also treated with glue to make the fishing jersey integrated to achieve a waterproof effect.


The fabrics of the good fishing suit should be high-density materials, and they all have a good windproof effect.

Cold protection

The quality of the material of the fishing apparel is the key to cold protection. The cold-proof lining used in fishing clothes is often made of high-tech fabrics, which can not only protect against the cold but also have a very light texture. There is no cumbersome and bloated feeling on the body, so as to facilitate fishing. Achieve the comfort of fishing.


This is an important indicator of fishing clothes. The breathable material of fishing shits is breathable, and the structure of fishing clothes is breathable. Now the internationally popular waterproof and breathable material is TEX material. The characteristics of this material are waterproof, breathable, and perspiration. This is the fundamental difference from pure waterproof fishing wears.

A structural breathable fishing jersey refers to the use of non-breathable waterproof materials. Through the breathable design on the structure of the fishing suit, ventilation openings are generally left under the armpits to achieve the purpose of ventilation.
To measure the pros and cons of a fishing suit, there are mainly the following aspects: 1. Whether the selection of fishing suits is superior, the quality of good materials should be stable, and the technical indicators of waterproof and breathable should be clearly marked. 2. Whether the tailoring of fishing wear is reasonable, and good fishing uniforms should be worn freely and without the feeling of restraint.
It can be seen that fishing wear is professional clothing for fishing and outdoor sports, and it has a role that ordinary clothing cannot replace. If you still want to know more information and solutions about fishing clothes after reading the above content, you can get it by contacting us. And we can also provide you with professional customized services.

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