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Fabrics for professional sportswear


Modern high performance fabrics offer benefits that even ten years ago would have seemed impossible to achieve. Today’s moisture wicking, anti-microbial fabrics can allow an athlete to achieve their full potential. That being said, there are many qualities of fabrics and they are most certainly not created equal. It is easy to see how people would be confused by saying that if two companies are using for example a 165gram interlock fabric that these would be the same. Once again nothing is further from the truth. It is possible to buy this fabric for $2.00 a metre or $20.00 a metre. Weave, thread size, twist ratio, color fastness, softness, durability, sheen, moisture wicking and anti-microbial treatments can vary pricing dramatically. At Fancy Sports Gear we are located in the heart of performance fabric producing region in China and are constantly sourcing only the best fabrics that are specifically designed and produced for sport specific applications. Our fabric costs a little more but I am sure you will agree that years of trouble free use will be worth it.